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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Arrival of 2006- Revoltech Mazinkaiser

My philosophy is that the best way to collect something is as its being released. That's what I have been doing with my Revoltech collection. It has grown quite a little bit since I began collecting early this year. Adding to the collection today we have the Revoltech Mazinkaiser.

Back in Honduras, when I was a young kid, Mazinger Z was one of the most popular cartoons. The Mazinkaiser is like a much newer version of Mazinger. It looks almost exactly like Mazinger and that why I got it. If you haven't bought any revoltechs I suggest you do because possability is amazing with these figures and they are cheap too (about $17), the Mazinkaiser is the 10th addition to the Wall of Revoltech.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Arrival - Gundam The One Year War
Another great Japanese Gundam game that never made it to US shores. Gundam The One Year is basically about nothing else but the one year war. Gameplay takes a little getting used to since there is no lock on. The controls are first person shooter like. You use the left analog stick to move Gundam and the right one to aim. I don't know why Bandai doen't bring a lot of Gundam games to the US. I mean Gundam Climax U.C. is the greatest Gundam game that I have played and that one hasn't seen a US release either. If you have not played Gundam OYW then do yourself a favor and pick it up, you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Arrival - MG Strike Freedom
First thing I did this morning when I woke up was go to the Post Office because a package was waiting for me. The post lady comes back with this huge box with Japanese letters all over it. No wonder I paid an arm an a leg for shipping and handling, the thing was kind of heavy. I got home as soon as humanly possible and opened my box. Sorrounded by alot of Japanese newspaper were my 2 Mg Strike Freedom and 2 MG Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode.

Merry Christmas to me =)

Upon inspection of the kits I determined that packaging for both versions of the Strike Freedom were kind of big. The regular version of the MG Strike Freedom comes in a box of about the same size as the MG Nu Gundam which is not that big but its a little thicker than normal. The Full Burst Mode comes in a box the size of a Perfect Grade model, why Bandai chose this style of box is beyond anyones reasoning, the box is too big for the contents. However, the artwork on both versions is beautiful. The regular edition has the Strike Freedom striking a pose out in space. The Full Burts Mode shows the Strike Freedom glowing and ready to fire its guns, side cannons, and dragoons. The artwork is simply beautiful on the Full Burst Mode packaging.

MG Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode

The first thing that I wanted to examine was the gold plating on the Full Burst Mode since that is what the buzz has all been about. I had seen pictures of the gold plating on the net but you can't really see how bad it is until you see it in person. When I heard that it was going to be gold plated the first thing that came to mind was MG Hyaku Shiki gold plating, Strike Freedom's gold plating is not even shiny and not everything is gold plated. The other parts of the frame that are supposed to be golden are a dark yellowish brown.

MG Strike Freedom Regular Version

The regular release of the MG Strike Freedom comes with no gold plated parts. The parts are all that dark yellow brownish color. I dont remember the exact color of the gold parts on the 1/100 Strike Freedom but I don't recall them being this dark. Modelers such as myself who paint their kits will probably end up painting it with a different color. I'll use the same color I used on my 1/100 Strike Freedom which was Tamiya X-12 Gold Leaf.

A look inside the Full Burst Mode

Besides the gold plating, the Full Burst Mode comes with a poster, dragoon (funnels) effect parts, a GunplaA magazine, a Zeta Ver 2.0 looking manual, and a translucent blue stand. The stand is the same as the recently released Action Base. The dragoon effect parts consist of these thin plastic rods that bend and can be attached to the Action Base. The Action Base is great since is definetely the best stand out there for gunpla but the dragoon effect parts are terrible. The whole thing looks cheap when adding those effect parts. I recommend using a different method if you are going to pose your dragoons. (Am I the only one who hates the word dragoon? Why not use funnels?)

A look inside the regular version

As far as model goes the MG Strike Freedom looks great and is well designed. All of the proportions are right and the posability looks promising. The truth is that we really didn't need the Full Burst Mode version. Its a shameless attempt by Bandai to cash in on the popularity of the Strike Freedom. The gold plating was disappointing and the magazine is more of a Seed catalog. The magazine should have had at least modeling tips and what tools to use for amateur modelers. I mean without the gold plating everything else would have fit in the regular release box. We didn't even need that huge box!!!! It might have been better to just have a limited 1st run and charge the same. If you collect kits like me get the Full Burst Mode as it was released in limited quantities. I remember missing out on the 1/100 1st run of the Destiny with the stand, I got it later from Ebay but I paid dearly for it. If you are going to build a MG Strike Freedom go with the regular edition and save yourself 2000 JPY.

This is how yellow instead of gold the pieces are
Artwork for Freedom and Strike Freedom boxes.
I prefer the Strike Freedom's artwork This is what is so special about the Full Burst Mode.

The special stand is the same as the recently released Action Base but molded in translucent blueMG Hyaku Shiki gold plating on the left Strike Freedom gold plating on the right.

Box was huge, looks like this must have been the original
shipping box for the Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode.
Well packaged and no damages to the boxesBox comparison to the MG Sazabi box
Regular MG Strike Freedom along with the MG Freedom
Strike Freedom FBM box is skinnier than the Sazabi,
its also the same size as some Perfect Grade Boxes

Monday, December 25, 2006

New Arrival - 1/7 Ignis
So christmas came and went and none of my loved ones got me anything anime related. They are not big supporters of the models and statue camp. Well i got christmas present for myself. Today I got the 1/17 Ignis figure.

I have nicknamed this figure "belly button" because everybody has one. This is the Max Factory one and its the one that I like the most. Orchid Seed and Alter have also released their own versions of Ignis. I also have the Bome Ignis and this one puts that one to shame. The facts that I know about this chick is that she is from some PC Hentai game, who cares, I got it because this is the most beatiful figure that I have ever seen. Its classy, not overdressed but not underdressed either.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Out Now - MG strike Freedom + MG Strike Freedom Full Burst
Bandai goes out with a bang this year. The last model that they are releasing for 2006 is none other than the MG Strike Freedom.

The MG Strike Freedom is being released in two ways. One is the regular release for 4,800JPY, and the Full Burst Mode (a.k.a. Special Option Parts) for 7,000JPY. The Full Burts Mode comes with an Action Base, Dragoon (funnel) parts, and gold plated parts like the MG Hiaku Shiki, a poster, and a magazine.

If you haven't ordered yet you better hurry, Hobby Link japan has already discontinued the Full Burst Mode. Also take note when ordering shipping is expensive, the FBM comes in a PG size box so it basically can't be shipped via SAL. Be ready to pay for EMS so you might be better off pre-ordering from a US retailer or a local retailer from whatever country you are in. My order has already shipped from Japan and I should have it by Tuesday or Wednesday, I will post pics when I receive them. .

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Arrival - Bandai Action Base
Viva la BANDAI!!! We have an official stand for all our stand-less precious Gundams, and surprisingly its a good stand too. If you guys recall there were four Seed Destiny models that came with stands. The SF, Destiny, IJ, and Legend, the first three came with the same stand as the MG Wing Zero but in different colors. Ahhh, but the Legend, came with something different. The stand was amazing, you could achieve various types of poses due to the possability of the stand. It wasn't fixed like the previous three.

So that brings me to today, I received my Bandai Action Bases!!! The stand is piece by piece the same exact thing as the legend stand. You would have imagined that it came built but get ready to be disappointed. You have to put this together just like in the Legend model. Its molded in black plastic which I don't mind because I will be painting mine to match the model that its going to support. It has various attachment for the many diffrent types of models that are out there. The stand mainly works by sticking this U looking piece between the models legs. It does not come with the same attachment as the Legend. However, the attachments for the 1/100 SF and Destiny will work with this stand. I purchased enough of these to last me for a while, I have like 30 models waiting to be built and most don't have a stand. So if you are looking for a nice stand for your Gunpla this is the way to go. They are cheap too running at about $5 and sum change each. Now if Bandai will give us a stand for all the stand-less Perfect Grade kits.

Monday, December 18, 2006

New Arrival - 1/100 Providence Gundam
The mobile suit the inpired the Legend from Seed Destiny, none other than the Providence Gundam. I had not purchased this kit because of the lack of stand. I never really got into the Seed model kits because none of them came with stands with the exception of the MG line. Now that the newly Bandai Action Base has been released I decided to get this kit. To be honest I think the Providence looks better than the Legend, it has a more menacing look to it. I have to start building all of these kits but the problem is that this new job that I got doesn't let me have enough time to model, plus I am saving up to buy a paint booth before the end of the year.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

New Arrival - MG F91 Harrison (Blue)
Also fresh from the plastic injection molds i received today the 1/100 MG F91 Harrison custom. I don't know too much about the story of this mobile suit with the exception that it was in the Crossbone Gundam manga. I have not read all of this manga because I can't find it anywhere on the web. If you have it send me a link.

With this model kit Bandai has opted for Waterslide decals instead of dry transfers. I think that water slides work better with the tiny decals, as far as the F and 91 they should have left them as a dry transfer. Its also a shame that BANDAI has decided to use stickers for most of the details on the model. Most of the yellow that you see are stickers. I think that is sub-standard for a Master Grade model kit nowadays.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Arrival - 1/144 HG Salughter Dagger
We know were this Dagger got its name from, from murdering all those coordinators in the second episode of C.E. 73 Stargazer. It looks pretty standard, a regular Dagger with a Striker pack. I like the look of the Slaughter Dagger but it looks like this one will just be added to my model kit collection, I don't think I will be building it anytime soon. I will be posting on my model kit situation soon.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Out Now +New Arrival - Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid Vol 1 + Box
ATTENTION FULL METAL PANIC FANS!!!! If you want vol 1 of FMP:TSR + box I suggest you get it as soon as possible. Unlike the previous releases, Full Metal Panic and FUMOFFU, "The Second Raid" is being handled by none other than Funimation. The have completely discontinued printing of the box. Funimation does not play with their boxsets, when they mean they are limited they actually are telling the truth (i.e. Fullmetal Alchemimst Vol 1 + Box) I got the last one at Best Buy a week after it came out. So if you have not gotten it do so now or you will be completely disappointed.

New Arrival - 1/144 Stargazer
Fresh of the plastic injection molds comes the HG 1/144 Stargazer Gundam. The only Gundam which managed to survive the 45 minute long C.E. 73 Stargazer OVA. The model kit is nice, the Stagazer models are like mini Master Grades. They are quite detailed for the size that they are. I remember the Gundam Wing 1/144 were crap. It come with stickers to simulate the Voiture Lumiere activated or disactivated. It also include a couple of raffle tickets to win a "clear" Strike Noir. I wish I could participate but who knows what those tickets say and how could I enter. There is a 99.999999% that its only for Japan only.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Arrival - Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
Kojima finally serves PSP owners with a true Metal Gear Solid game. Forget the pansy card play the Acid line of games had. This is true Metal Gear tactical action espionage. The game is great and the graphics are not that bad to be on a handheld. The story take place a few years after Snake Eater. Snake is in South America and is held prisoner, he escapes with the aid of none other than Roy Campbell. From there the story kicks off, if you need a great game on the PSP then MGS portable ops is for you. The game also came with a "usable pre-order bonus", its an actual PSP case. It fits around the PSP protecting your deared gadget, the front is clear and the back features art from the game.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Arrival - Sword Calamity Custom Kit
I finally got them!!! After two years of waiting and missing out on the first run as a bonus on Hobby Japan magazine. I got two kits, one is complete with the DVD and the other one just has the parts. I never liked the regular Calamity Gundam but the Sword Calamity looks badass. I'll be building this kit as soon as I get the regular Calamity model kit.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Arrival - MG RX-78-2 Char Aznable Custom Gundam
Have you ever asked yourself WHAT IF Zeon won the one year war? Well in the PS2 game Gihren's Greed (released in only in Japan) that question is answered. From Wikipedia, "Zeon Forces won the One Year War, Char Aznable will leave Zeon and start building up a new faction, Neo Zeon (differ from the original Axis Neo Zeon in ZZ gundam), to seek other ways to finish his revenge against the Zabi's. Joining New Types and research teams from both Earth Federation and Zeon factions. The research team combined their knowledge in making mobile suits and created the RX-78/C.A., honouring the Earth Federation team's superb creation RX-78-2, the appearance of the unit is exact duplicated from it. However, the inside of the unit used a lot of Zeon technology and is completely different from the original RX-78-2. During the development of this unit, the fine tuning used the data of Char Aznable and there for it is just like a custom unit built just for him and also painted red. Record showed that this unit has encountered combat with the white RX-78-2 Gundam." So what does this mean? That we get a model of the mobile suit piloted by the Red Comet himself. Who knows what happened to Amuro but who cares its all about Char in this one.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Real Optimus Prime
Well here it is, the final product of what the US Optimus Prime should have looked like. This version actually comes with a talking stand. The stand really serves no purpose but it helps when posing the figure. Overall i am satisfied with the purchase after the smoke stacks mod, otherwise I would have thrown this thing across the room.

Optimus Prime Smoke Stack Mod
So I got my smoke stacks from Ebay. They ran around $14 but they were worth it. They are indeed chromed and the right size. Here is a comparison shot.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wimpy Optimus Prime - The Rebirth Part 1
As you all know i got my Optimus Prime (MP-01 that i had missed from the previous release) a couple of days ago. As i had stated before my only complain was the short smoke atcks that the figure came with. Here is a pic of the ridiculous smoke stacks. They are not even chromed and it looks like Optimus has baby bottles instead of true 18 wheeler smoke stacks!!! I should have my new smoke stacks today and will be performing the mod tomorrow. After today Optimus Prime DVD edition will no longer be wimpy Optimus Prime.