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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reader Request - 1/100 Infinite Justice Color Chart

Im back, no I have not abandoned the blog but my net connection has been down for like the last 2 weeks. I have been working on getting it back up and I haven't had a chance to update. BTW, Yesterday was my birthday and I'll update with the nice goodies I got later.

This is a request from, Subaruhess, a fellow comrade. This is the color chart for the 1/100 Infinite Justice. Please note the following colors are from the Gunze Sangyo (GSI Creos) "Mr. Hobby" line of water soluble paints. The color chart will also be added to the sidebar. Please click on the color chart to see a bigger picture.

P.S. Any other color chart request please e-mail me. (e-mail address is available in my profile)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

MG Strike Freedom Color Chart

I am now getting around to paint my Strike Freedom. This build is going way faster than the Akatsuki and the Akatsuki had less paint. Once I get to the wings though there will be a problem but thats not until later.This is the color chart for the MG ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom. I will update the chart later with the colors to paint the small Kira and Lacus figures.Please note the following colors are from the Gunze Sangyo (GSI Creos) "Mr. Hobby" line of water soluble paints. The color chart will also be added to the sidebar. Please click on the color chart to see a bigger picture.

P.S. Any color chart request please e-mail me. (e-mail address is available in my profile)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Project - MG Strike Freedom

So after the Akatsuki now I have decided to work on another Cosmic Era model kit. Since the Destiny is coming out in October I decided to have the MG Strike Freedom ready by that time. I have completed pre-building and now I have to take everything apart and start the paint process.

This is a MG and it should be easier to paint as far as the body goes but the wings are a whole different thing. They need lots of putty work to get rid of the seams and alot of masking to paint the gold. My goal is to have it completed before the Destiny is released so I think that I can meet this goal. The next time you see this Strike Feedom it will be fully complete (unless I post in-progress pics).

Monday, August 13, 2007

  1. Voice I-Doll Superior - Meer Campbell

When it comes to Gundam Character figures the choices are very limited. We either have Gashapons, Voice I-Dolls, and RAH DX figures. Meer Campbell is one of my favorite Gundam SEED Destiny gals. Meer looks just like Lacus just that better proportioned. The are tons of regular Voice I-Dolls but those are plain with a simple pose and they are kind of small. Voice I-Dolls Superior actually have the figures striking a pose and so far the only other Voice I-Doll Superior that has been released is Lacus.

Voice I-Dolls Superior are pretty much figures that come with a base that speaks 10 phrases. 8 of the phrases are from the show and 2 are completelt new original phrases recorded by the original voice actor which in this case would be Rei Tanaka. The Meer campbell Voice I-Doll came in at about $27 from Hobby Link Japan. The price alone lets you know that it won't be top notch quality. The paint job is ok but the surface of the figure is not smooth and there alot of flaws that are noticeable. But for this price I really can't complain. It would have been nice however if they would have charged $45-$50 and have improved the quality. Click on the images forbigger pictures.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

100th MG - Turn A Gundam

The 100th MG is here and the hype is over. The MG Turn A Gundam has turned out to be a pretty cool model. Yes it doesn't look like a traditional Gundam but it redeemed itself in the show. After you watch the show, the design will actually grow on you. The model is here and for the hype that was built towards its release we pretty much get a standard release.

No DVD's, no special packaging, no limited edition goodies for early adopters, NOTHING. All that comes with the MG Turn A Gundam is the model of course, a Gunpla A magazine, and some flyers. The MG logo on the box is actually stamped onto the box and made with shiny gold foil. The new thing that I did notice is that the letter of the runner holding the parts is now actually carved into the plastic so it makes it easier to see the runner letter. I applaud Bandai for this change since seeing the runner letter was always hard. Here are pics of the box and whats included.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Gundam Expo 2007 - MG Destiny

This is for all of you Shinn fans!! The MG Destiny hits the streets this October and this month at the Gundam Expo 2007 we finally get to see more or less what the final product will look like. The kit looks outstanding, proportions are not too far off and it blows the 1/100 model out of the water. I can't wait for it and hopefully we will get pics of the wings of light soon. Get ready for this October, and pre-order early as this kit will most likely sell out fast, pics are GA Graphic.

Monday, August 06, 2007

1/7 Rudy Milestone Limited Edition Color

Many of us have turned into Shunya Yamashita's fans after the release of Mirei-San. Sera-Chan was the first of Yamashita's work released in PVC form and then it was followed by Mirei-San, Shii Arisugawa, and now by Rudy. Rudy differs completely from the previous releases by not being either a school girl or a secretary. She belongs more in the sci-fi realm wearing a barely-there outfit and holding a nice looking sword. She is also the first to feature cast-off parts that reveal some skin ^_^

This version of Rudy is a limited edition variant by Milestone. The regular edition is being released by Aoshima. I prefered this version because the other one was too bright in my opinion. The figure is very well made in terms of seams and colors and the only thing that I can complain about is that the figure could have very well done away without the cast-off. The entire breast part is replaceable leaving a huge seam between the breast and body. Without that seam it would have been perfect. Otherwise Rudy turned out beautiful. Rudy is a must have if you are a Shunya Yamashita fan and she looks really good and sexy. She will look great along Mirei-San, Sera-Chan and Shii. Even if you are not a Shunya fan, Rudy will be a nice addition to your collection.