My Gundam Models and Anime

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Out Now + New Arrival
I couldn't fimd it anywhere in stores so I had to order online, what i been waiting for for about a month and a half is finally here, Gundam Seed Destiny Volume 4. Believe it or not I have not seen the entire series. I am watching it as its being released on DVD. The problem is that I saw Gundam Seed in English and i cant' get used to the Japanese voices. It's gonna take forever to finish watching it but, oh well, I got a ton of model kits to keep me entertained in the meantime.

New Arrival
Today i received a set of Gundam markers. These are the second set of markers for the Seed Destiny model series. Funny thing is I ordered this right after Otakon 06 and it just got here (NEVER order anything from Japan via surface mail!!!), I dont know if I will be using them since I am painting my kits now. However they might come in handy someday.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Finished Model
Soooo.... I couldn't wait and here are the pics of the finished 1/100 Strike Freedom. Fully painted in all its glory. I think that did pretty good as this was my first kit that I ever had the nerves to paint. Painting is not that bad but its time consuming. I'm actually thinking of taking some of my old built kits and painting them because it makes a world of a difference. What kit is next?? Not sure, i was thinking about building the 1/144 Strike Noir or the 1/100 Infinite Justice. I'll think about it. For now, here are the pics. Feedback would be appreciated.

Finished at last.... After exactly one month the Strike Freedom is finally finished. I'll post pics tomorrow... Im lightheaded from all the paint fumes.

Im on the final stretch towards completing my first ever fully painted Gundam. Pieces are all painted here, after they dry i will do the panel lines, put it together and add its final coat of clear. Hopefully i'll finish it tonight.

Out Now
Bandai today released the Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver Ka. Although i have not read the manga that features this Gundam (its not available in the states), I do know that this is the sequel to F91. As we speak mines had shipped from Japan and it should be arriving the following week. I'll post pics of the kit when i receive it.

New Arrival
Today I received The Last Exile Vol1 + Artbox (nice looking box). This is a series that was released a few years back by Geneon (formerly known as Pioneer). I got volumes 2-7 from the sale, they have a clearance on Geneon DVDs that runs thru October 1st.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Imagine if DVDs never made it as the general medium format for video. Laser Discs would have ruled the world!!! Just when i thought i had nothing to post today, I go to a friends house and on his desk, he has a 14 pound, 13 disc, Tekkaman Blade set from Japan. The set is beatiful, all 13 discs packed in cardboard sleeves. But this is testament as to why Laser Dics never made it as a regular format.... The darn thing is super heavy!!!! Shipping from Japan alone was $90. Ten sets or more like this on shelfs would bring any wall down.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well, after much delay, i finally got back to working on the Strike freedom. Its not much but at least i got something done. I completed the right wings today. The piece that you see here has been painted and has its final coat of "Top Coat".

Out Now + New Arrival
Today Bandai released the 7th volume of Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd Gig. I got the limited edtion that comes with a soundtrack, a collectible figure and a tin that holds the entire 7 volumes of Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd Gig. I got it from Best Buy because it was the only way that i could make sure i was going to get one without any dents or dings.

New Arrival
Today in the mail courtesy of a good friend of mine; mr-shops; I received the Strike Noir, Blu Duel, and Verde Buster 1/144 model kits from the C.E.73 Stargazer series. The Strike noir is the so called limited edition which comes with a DVD. There is nothing special about it, just a DVD. I am not really into 1/144 models but I love the Stargazer designs an i am 99% sure that the Sargazer models will never see the light of day as a 1/100 model. Just look at the Seed MSV model kits, only the astrays made it to 1/100. I will post pics when i start building these.

Monday, September 25, 2006

New Arrival
Today in the mail i got the Lacus Clyne Destiny Version RAH.DX, It a nice looking figure that i mainly got because it got discontinued and its value is slowly creeping up. This might be the last RAH figure that i get in a while. I already own two Lunamarias and i recently ordered Meer Campbell from HLJ. Here are the pics.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Back when i was i was a young lad in Honduras, a series called Robotech aired on TV. I immediately fell in love with the series because of its transforming planes which were synonymous with The Transformers. I did not understand the series much i was young, all i cared about was the robots. I did know one thing!!!! I hated the other two series (Masters and New Generation) because they did not have transforming jets. Anyway today I received my first ever Macross figure. Its Roy Focker's VF-1S 1/60 scale made by Yamato. I heard that its becoming pretty rare and the cheapest one that i found on Ebay was $74.95 + Shipping. I know of a place that is clearing them out for $49.99 E-mail me if you are interested.... For now here are some pics

Thursday, September 21, 2006

If you dont know this yet has an Anime DVD sale going on select Geneon titles, 10 DVDs for $50 or 25DVDs for $100. I could only come up with ten that I wanted, Last Exile and Ikki Tousen.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I don't mean to bash on anyones Gundam building because i know all the hard work, effort, and love that goes into building these models. The reason why i am putting these two models side by side is to showcase the difference between a painted model and one that is not. Again i am not hating on anyones model.

Alright so we finally got somewhere with the Strike Freedom. I have completely finished the body. Now just the wings to go and the stand. I have realized that for my next model, whichever it it, i am going to get rid of the seams, they are too obvious and take alot away from the overall look of the model. Let me know what you think.

I have never been a fan of 1/144 models. The articulation and details suck, but since i am painting my gundams i dont think that details will be a problem. I went ahead and ordered all three of the C.E. 73 Stargazer series models. The Strike Noir, Verde Buster, and Blu Duel. Since they only available in 1/144 and i think they look cool I got them for about $25.00 each. I just watched the series today, its only 3 episodes, 15 minutes each. The last one is airing later this month. The series is pretty cool, it gives a close up look at what happens to the Earth when Junius Seven crashes on it. Its definitely the darker side of Seed and its way more graphic, when you watch it does not seem like you are watching a Seed series.

Believe it or not up until this year the only anime that i was really into was.... (you guessed it!) Gundam. I didnt start branching out until this year so there is a ton of anime that i have not seen. Today i completed my Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Collection. Notice how banged up the tin is, it looks like it was used as a helmet during world war II. I already called the unnamed supplier for an exchange. I am going to start watching the series as soon as possible, I also have Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig and haven't watched it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today i got my second set of Infinite Justice and Legend Gundam. Like the Strike Freedom and Destiny im keeping one set sealed because they will eventually get rare. They are also from the 1st edition run with the stand. I was going to get the regular edtion and buy the stand separately but i realized that it would cost the same if not more. So i said, what the hey and got these. I'll build the Infinite Justice after i am done with the Strike Freedom.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Man, people will not leave me alone so that i can get back to my gundam building..... I still have to paint the parts below. I have spent the entire afternoon fixing my aunt's computer (BOOOOOORING)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

If you guys have not played Mobile Suit Gundam Climax Universal Century then you should because this is the mother of all gundam games. The controls, presentation and everything is just perfect. It's a fast action game, not as sluggish as Seed Never Ending Tommorrow. It features the main battles out of the entire Universal Century timeline. It starts with Mobile Suit Gundam and ends with F91. You get to play as good guys and bad guys. You even get to play as the lunchbox Dendrobium.

As you all know Sony released the HDD along Final Fantasy XI. The only problem with the peripheral is that no one supported the darn thing. And I'll be darned if im going to spend 10 hours of my life fighting rabbits and dogs just go up one level and on top of that pay $10.95 a month!!!! So what can i use the HDD for?? Easy, HD Advance. HD Advance is a software for PS2 that lets you directly copy games onto the HDD and play them without the disc. Its amazing, you only have to keep the HD Advance disc in, turn on the PS2 and select the game from the list. The only catch is that you have to have a modchip in your PS2. I modded mines years ago simply because there a ton of Gundam games that never make it out here.

Well this has been a weekend without building a Gundam. I usually build more during the weekend. The reason is because Ciruit City is having a clearance on videogames. I managed to snag two copies of Final Fantasy XI (yes the one that come with the 40GB HDD and retails for $99) and a copy of Megaman Maverick Hunter X the remake of the SNES game all for $50.85!!!! The HDD's were $16.95 each!!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

This all that i got done today, I cut the pieces off the tree and sanded them down. They are ready to go to paint but i will do that tomorrow depending on how late i get out of work. Notice on the second picture the sets of crotch pieces. The one on the top is the regular one that came with the model. The other is part of whats included with the limited edition release. I got these parts from a guy on Ebay. Look closely at the piece that is circled in red. This one is interchangeable. It allows for the legs to be opened and risen more when the model is on the stand. CAN'T WAIT TO FINISH IT!!!!