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Friday, March 30, 2007

MG Strike Noir

Two weeks after its release I finally received my MG Strike Noir. I actually ordered two but only one of them arrived, also this one was a little banged up so hopefully the next one arrives in better shape. I cant wait to start building this ton of models that I have sitting in my room.

I finally took the plunge and have paid for my painting booth, now I can patiently paint indoors and take better care when painting. Plus it will be alot more comfortable to paint indoors. So I will finish that Verde Buster that I started about a month ago. I have 1 more MG Strike Noir on its way, 2 Akatsukis, and 1 White Unicorn MG Zeta. The booth will arrive this week and I'll post pics and impressions when it does.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gundam Musou Pre-Order Bonus - Crystal G1 RX-78-2

Better late than never, for some reason in Hong Kong a bonus crystal RX-78-2 was included with every copy of Gundam Musou. I got a Japanese copy that came with no bonus. Luckily for me, I have a friend in Hong Kong who sent me the crystal model separately. This is the only model of this kind that I own, it might not be much but its all clear. Its a generation 1 model after all. Its the same one that was given away with those pocky packs.

Friday, March 23, 2007

1/100 Akatsuki

A modeleler in Japan has posted pics up of his completed 1/100 Akatsuki Full Set and the only thing that I can say is that this is one pretty model.

Bandai has heard the cries of many modelers who like these mirror finishes but hate the look of it because of the nasty seams (i.e. 1/100 Force Impulse extra finish). With the Akatsuki Bandai has taken care of it and even though this kit is expensive for a 1/100 SEED, its well worth it.

I have two on order and they are on their way from Japan. When the model arrives all I will pretty much need to paint are the non-plated parts. Ahh... if only the Strike Freedom would have had this kind of gold plating. Click this link for more pics of the completed Akatsuki Full Set.

Master Grade No. 98 & No. 99... Who will take 100th??

So Gunota Headlines has confirmed that the MG Ver 2.0 of Char's Zaku will be the 98th Master Grade released by Bandai and is to be released in May. The 99th Master Grade will also be a Ver 2.0 of Char's Gelgoog which is to be released in July. Notice the trend yet... They are Zeon suits and they are Char's mobile suits.

You know what would make the 100th MG festivities great?? The release of the Hi-Nu's rival suit, the Nightingale. The MSN-04-2 Nightingale, as some of you know, was the suit that Char piloted in the novel Beltorchika's Children. It looks like a Sazabi on steroids but it looks cool. I mean Bandai released the Hi-Nu so it would only be fair that the Nightingale saw the light of day. Here are pics of both the Sazabi and the Nightingale so that you can compare.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Release - Gundam Seed Destiny Vol 7 Collector's Edition

Wow... It was about time I got back to my blog. Work has been taking most of my time, I haven't even had time to watch the anime that I have. But now Im back... This week I had to make time for the release of Gundam Seed Destiny vol 7 on DVD.

This release cover from episodes 27 - 30. It was also released it two versions, the regular single edition and the collector's edition. The collector's edition comes with a box to hold the second half of the series. As far as the artwork on the box goes, it leaves much to be desired.

Being that it was the second half of the series, the artwork on the box should relate to the show. Instead it depicts Shinn, Durandal, and Athurun in his Alex Dino outfit. Oh well... someone at Bandai couldn't find any more material to photoshop. I'm just waiting for the next DVD, Vol 8, because it will end on episode 34. And we all know what happens on episode 34....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gundam Musou Impressions

Well, the most anticipated PS3 game is here, Gundam Musou has launched and I now have my copy. I got it March 1st but I have been too busy playing it to have time to post. I need to start by saying that Gundam Musou is light years away from Gundam: Crossfire in terms of gameplay, graphics, and how fun it is. Although its not a killer app for the PS3 and its not revolutionary, its still a great game.

Gameplay wise if you have played Dinasty Warriors then you pretty much know what to expect. Koei handled the development of Gundam Musou so expect tons of characters on screen at one time and super long levels, some have taken me 40 minutes to beat. Don't be alarmed.... you can save in the middle of the fight. Graphics are pretty nice too, the Gundams have never looked better.

You start out with Gundam, Zeta Gundam, and ZZ Gundam in official mode which follows their respective storylines. In original mode which some new storyline is made up pits all of the Gundams together. I really dont know whats going on because I dont know Japanese. But for some reason, original mode turns out to be more fun than official mode. Having the God Gundam fight the Zeta Gundam is more fun than the usual Char vs. Amuro which you know how its gonna end up anyway.

So even if you are not an Otaku who follows Gundam, you will find this game fun. Dont expect anything groundbreaking but at least its not a horrible game like Crossfire. For the ones who have it enjoy, for the ones who don't go out and get it.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

MG Strike Noir, 1/100 Akatsuki

From Gundam Base Side 1, pics have surfaced of the completed MG Strike Noir and the 1/100 Akatsuki. According to the Bandai Hobby site, the MG Strike Noir is based of the MG Strike Freedom so hopefully its not going to be using polycaps for the pelvic joints. Another noticable thing about the Strike Noir is that it will come with fixed manipulators. Meaning that it will come with different sets of hands to recreate different poses. The last model that I remember that had fixed manipulators was the MG God Gundam.

The Akatsuki looks impressive with its gold mirror finish. Both the Oowashi and Shirunai packs are included. This is gonna be one hard model to put together since it has a mirror finish. If you want to paint it you are gonna have to strip the finish off otherwise nothing will stick. Hopefully Bandai figures a different way to attach parts to the trees if you dont plan on painting, otherwise you'll end up messing up that nice mirror finish. The one thing that I hate about these 1/100 models is the limited possability of the legs. It looks like the legs on the Akatsuiki won't pose that well.

Note: Gundam Musou should arrive tommorrow, i will post my impressions on the game as soon as i play it. For my previouos impression on the first PS3 game, Gundam Crossfire / Target in Sight, click here.