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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gundam Unicorn Destroy Mode

Just when I thought the Unicorn Gundam couldn't be any cooler, the official website updated with more info about the Unicorn Gundam. It apparently changes form when the "NT-D" system is activated and then it actually looks like our traditional Gundams. Info from Gunota is as follows:

"The Unicorn's appearance when the 'NT-D' system is activated. In this form, the psycoframe infused within the entire body's internal frame reads the pilot's thoughts (psycowaves) and directly influences the unit's movements. In other words, the MS can ultimately be controlled by thought alone.

However, when compared to one's idea of how a human body works, the stress of gravity on an 20 meter MS (more than 10 times the size) is extraordinary. Aided by the psycommu, the pilot's mind can only endure about five minutes of operation, after which a limiter is believed to activate, returning the MS to normal Unicorn form.

Furthermore, the system activates not according to the pilot's discretion, but automatically when certain conditions, as yet unexplained, are met."

All this this talk spells only one thing, BADASS. The Unicorn has such a badass system that it can actually kill the pilot if used for more than 5 minutes, so you can just imagine what happens when the system is activated. I really wish that the Unicorn novel will be turned into an Anime series and best of all a MG model.

1/7 Sera-Chan

After seeing Mirei-San I became a huge fan of Shunya Yamashita's designs. Mirei-San is by far my favorite figure ever so I decided to collect all of Yamashita's work in the form of PVC. Sera-Chan was the first of Yamashita's work released in PVC form by Kotobuyika. It had been out for a while but It had not caught my attention. I got it a few eeks ago and I though it was time for a photo shoot with her.

The Sera-Chan figure is great and its not that small coming in at 1/7 scale. Although she does look a little pale, some parts of her are almost white. A few seam lines are noticeable here and there but they do not take away from the overall look of Sera-Chan. Sunya Yamashita's design are plain sexy and that's why I have fallen in love with his designs and Sera-Chan is no exception. Her skirt has the ability to "cast off" meaning that it is removable ^_^. She actually looks better without the skirt and its not because i'm a perv, but because Sera-Chan looks bulkier with the skirt. I don't like the look of the skirt from the back since it goes halfway up and its a little unrealistic. Aside from that she looks great and if you have a chance to get her then go for it. Price in the US for Sera-Chan in the US vary from like $35 to $50. The upcoming Shuya Yamashita's figures that I will be purchasing are Non Non, Rudy, and Shoko-San.

Friday, June 29, 2007

MG Turn A Gundam

I must say that excitement for the MG Turn A Gundam is just increasing more and more. Pics have surfaced of the completed MG Turn A Gundam from the Tokyo Toy Show 2007. Bandai has done an exceptional job of not letting anyone down since this kit looks amazing. The latest pics also confirm one thing, the cow!!! Yes the cow is indeed included ^_^

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fix Figuration Psycho Gundam Metal Composite

Told you so.... I had said this before, since the Fix Figuration line is set at 1/144, the Psycho Gundam is gonna be huge. Here is a side by side shot next to the upcoming RX-78-3 metal composite. The RX-78-3 is just a re-hash of the RX-78-2 but in a gray color scheme.

This thing is going to be bigger than all of the Gundams that I own since I don't own any Perfect Grades. It might be able to match the Masterpiece Optimus Prime in height. Since the Psycho Gundam doesn't have that many weapons, I don't expect it to come with anything besides a beam rifle and the shield. That probably explains the cheaper price as opposed to the RX-78-2.

MG Turn A Gundam

It seems that the uproar caused by the mustache being the 100th MG has died down. All that is left is anticipation for the model kit's release. More pics of the prototype have surfaced and it is looking better and better.

I used to think the Turn A was one of the most horrendous mobile suit designs. After watching the series this year, the design grew on me and now I am excited about the release of this kit. The one thing that I have to complain about is the cow.... yes I said cow.... from what I have seen it actually comes with a cow like it was shown in the show.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

The beginning of the new Gundam series is getting closer and closer.... I can't wait for this October so that we can finally get some new Gundam anime. The one thing that many people want to see is the mobile suits in action. This series takes a different approach in terms of designs, they don't really look like Gundams at all except for the faces. Gundam Kyrios is the only unit that resembles todays Gundam designs and hopefully they are not over the top invincible pretty machines like in SEED and SEED Destiny.

The Exia looks like the notorious RX-78-2 from Gundam Evolve 15 and the Dynames looks like a carbon copy of the Buster. The Kyrios actually has the skirt armor so it looks more like the Gundams we are used to know. The Virtue is a whole new puppy, it is huge and it looks like a heavy artillery unit and it reminds me of the RX-78 GP-02-A. What I really hope is that they go back to the UC and Wing formula, which was that not everybody had a Gundam and all the soldier grunts actually crapped their pants at the sight of a Gundam. Here is a closer look at the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 units and info on their pilots.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGN-001 Gundam Exia

Head height: 18.3m
Base weight: 57.2 tons
Because of the GN particles eminating from the GN Drive within the unit, it has astounding mobility and near infinite energy. Compared to currently-in-use MS, it introduces a great deal of high technology. A close-combat, high-mobility MS equipped with 7 blades. The GN particles eminated into the air cause radio wave interference and disrupt ordinary radar and communications.

Setsuna F. Seiei
Fated boy soldier born & raised in the war-torn Middle East's Kurdis Republic. A cool kid who hates getting close to others and keeps his feelings inside.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGN-002 Gundam Dynames

Head height: 18.2m
Base weight: 59.1 tons
Same as the other Gundams, equipped with a GN Drive. It's emphasis is gun warfare. Has many guns suitable for missions and a GN Sniper Rifle as standard equipment. When it carries out precision shooting, the head transforms into Sniper Mode with a concealed camera eye appearing. During that time, a rifle-style controller is used.

Lockon Stratos
Decided to join Celestial Being after losing his parents because of terrorism. The eldest pilot and team leader.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGN-003 Gundam Kyrios

Head height: 18.9m
Base weight: 54.8 tons
Variable unit that can transform into a flight form. In its flight form, it has a rear arms container and can deal with every mission with versatility. While it excels at hit-and-run attacks in its flight form, even in its MS form it has offensive capabilities to match other Gundams.

Allelujah Paptism
Spent his childhood as an orphan in the People's Reform League. Usually gentle and quiet.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGN-005 Gundam Virtue

Head height: 18.4m
Base weight: 66.7 tons
Heavily armed type and has powerful weapons such as the GN Bazooka and GN Cannon. It expands the GN Field, covering itself with a barrier and has considerably high defense.

Tieria Erde
A boy with a rare kind of beauty, his history, nationality, and origins all a mystery. Within his gentle tone, he can give a sense of cold intentions.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fix Figuration #1001 RX-78-2 Ver. KA W/ G-Fighter Metal Composite

I am not a fan of Gundam figures since they are mass produced and you get better results from modeling. The Fix Figuration line has been usually set at 1/144 but fortunately Bandai has released a 1/100 Fix Figuration, the RX-78-2. I was excited to get this figure since it was my first Fix Figuration. The only thing is that this one clocked in at $125 plus shipping so it was definitely not cheap. It took me a while to decide on it since I also wanted Mp-05 Megatron.In the end I chose the Rx-78-2 and I am quite happy with the purchase.

This version of the RX-78-2 comes in Ver Ka designed by Hajime Katoki. Thats a good thing since this version of the RX-78-2 looks pretty good. The range of weapons that it comes with is amazing, aside from the G-Fighter (best inclusion IMO), it comes with 2 bazookas, beam rifle, beam sabers, 2 shields and it comes with 8 different pairs of hands. As far as contruction its very sturdy and the joints are pretty tight. Panel lines and decals are seen throughout the model and weapons just like in a MG model.

It is also a 1/100 scale Fix Figuration in case I hadn't mentioned that. One thing that I noticed is that parts just tend to fall off, for example the V fin, if you are posing your Gundam there is a 90% chance that it will fall off. The RX-78-2 Fix Figuration is also compatible with the action base 01 although you need to pose it just right since this is pretty heavy and throws the base off balance. It just doesn't feel like a cheap figure and thats a good thing since it wasn't.

Possability wise, the Fix Figuration Rx-78-2 is great, although it might not be as flexible as the MG kit it is still pretty good. You can achieve many poses and like I had mentioned before it is compatible with the action base. Overall the only thing holding the figure back is its hefty price tag. The metal composite Fix Figuration of the Psycho Gundam is due in Aug and its much cheaper so we will see how that one turns out since i'll be getting that one too. If you dont mind the price point then I would say go for it because its a great figure and its very detailed. Not a bad way to start a fix figuration collection eh.... ^_^

Saturday, June 16, 2007

1/100 Akatsuki Pre-build Complete

Luckily I was off work today and I had a chance to finish snap fitting my Akatsuki. The kit looks great and the only thing that bugs me is that leg possability is limited. Oh and it is also a fingerprint magnet, I am going to have to clean up the gold parts once final assembly is complete because there are fingerprints all over it. Now the sad part, taking it all apart.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

100th MG Turn A Gundam Prototype

Pictures are beginning to surface of the MG mustache... errr... MG Turn A Gundam... This pic is of a prototype MG model and from what I can tell it doesn't look that bad. Im not a huge fan of the Turn A, but the design did grow on me after watching the series. Being that the mustache comes out in August which is my birthday month, I will be getting this puppy via EMS right in time for my B-day. Usually I get them via SAL but I dont want to wait for this one, its the friggin' 100th MG after all. Hopefully Bandai will release the Turn X since its design was similar to the Turn A and it actually looked better IMO. Here you go the 100th MG prototype now all Gunpla builders rejoice!!!! ^_^

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1/100 Akatsuki Progress

Got some time today to return to work on my Akatsuki . Completed pre-building all the way to the Shirunai pack. Next time I get a chance I will start the Oowashi pack and start getting ready for paint. This one shouldn't be that bad since there is not that much to paint. Here is the progress so far.

P.S. The pics for the blog should start looking alot better since I just purchased a photo booth to take pics. It should be here by the end of the week and i'll post pics of that when it arrives.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

1/8 Ignis by Alter

Ever since I saw the Max Factory Ignis i became a huge fan of her. Although she is from a hentai game which I will probably never play I still love the way she looks. Got the Max Factory version of Ignis in December and I loved it. I consider it one of the best anime PVC figures the I own. Now I got the 1/8 version of Ignis by Alter and I am planning on getting the Orchid Seed version of Ignis.

Alter's version of Ignis has her striking a pose with sword. The figure is beautiful and made very well, I will not display it out of the box since its like 85+ degrees in my room and my PVCs will probably start bending. Now I own 3 versions of Ignis including the BOME version which is not that pretty after looking at Alter and Max Factory's work. Next up on the list is Ignis the White which features "cast off" parts ^_^.