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Sunday, January 18, 2009

MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver Ka. Color Chart

This is the color chart for the MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver Ka.. Notice the mixture they have provided for the gold, I have yet to try to see what it looks like. Please note the following colors are from the Gunze Sangyo (GSI Creos) "Mr. Hobby" line of water soluble paints. The color chart will also be added to the sidebar. Please click on the color chart to see a bigger picture.

P.S. Any color chart request please e-mail me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Progress - MG MSN-06 Sinanju

I just finished snap fitting the MG Sinanju and it is now ready for paint. The kit is pretty simple and easy to build, The mechanism for the thrusters in the back is quite simple and that is actually a good thing . We will not end up with broken wings like the strike freedom.

Building the Sinanju has made me want to build the MG Unicorn, for the unicorn since its all white i will not airbrush it, I will only airbrush what is not white, the rest I will just matt coat. More in progress pics coming soon.