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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In-Progress MG Destiny

It has been almost a month since I finished work on my 1/100 Exia. Next I moved on to the MG Destiny, I was really wanting to build the MG Hi-Nu or the Unicorn but the Destiny is one of the designs that I like the most from the SEED universe. The MG Destiny has been a really fun kit to build, it doesn't have stressful parts like the MG Strike Freedom backpack which many of us know as a really fragile piece. There are very little seams to take care of, mainly in the wings and the weapons.

Pretty much the majority of the seams are in the backpack actually, the only other ones were in the head and beam rifle. What you see here is the product pre-built and ready for paint. The face is off because it will go in until after is has been painted. I cut off the tiny vulcan cannons on the head and will be reattaching them after paint. I usually do not prime my kits but this time I am experimenting to see if the paint will hold up better, before I have only washed the pieces before painting. I will keep updating with more in progress pics at a later time.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Got Unicorn Gatling Gun??

I have to say these were by far the hardest acquisition that I have had in regards to Gunpla custom parts. I can easily come by the Sword Calamity kits but it was a pain in the rear to get these because they were only bundled with the Volume 4 of the Unicorn novel.

I got 4 of them because I plan on having my MG Unicorn dual wield the beam gatling guns. Right now I am working on my MG which I will post pics of the in-progress later. It's ready to go to paint.