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Monday, November 17, 2008

MG Destiny Gundam Extreme Blast Mode

Well I finally update the blog in a couple of months and I finally finished another model. I have been working on the MG Destiny for quite some time now. Work, school, and other personal issues have kept the progress to a crawl but every little chance I had free, I spent it working on the Destiny.

The MG Destiny was a very cool kit to build, there were very few seams to remove. The seams on the head, wings, sword, and rail cannon were the only ones that I really had to take care of. The only thing that was a pain to put together were the trademark wings of light that were included in the "Extreme Blast Mode" (EBM).

Speaking of EBM, one gimmick I didn't buy into were the silver plated joints of the EBM, so I got rid of those and painted them the same color as the standard version of the MG Destiny. I also used water slide decals instead of the decals that came with the kit. I used a mix of the gold colored decals of the EBM version and the gray ones from the standard version. My only gripe about this kit is the pelvis joint, that mechanism of spreading the legs a little bit further is useless and it only makes it harder when trying to pose the Destiny.

Overall, I'm quite happy with how the MG Destiny Gundam turned out and I am now setting up for my next build which will be a true test of my skills. I will venturing into the realm of resin conversion kits, the one that I chose uses the MG Freedom frame and Im excited to get started on that one, I'll post pics of the in-progess soon.