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Monday, December 29, 2008

MG MSN-06 Sinanju GET!!!

Look at what arrived just in time for new years break. The MG Sinanju is my most anticipated kit of 2008, i was really digging the design of the Sinanju ever since seeing the design from the novel (come on it looks like a mobile suit for Char). This kit has a ton of parts, plenty of runners to keep you busy, and it comes with a ton of decals to apply just like any other ver KA release.

Many were disappointed with the fact that the gold trim either uses stickers or decals (water slides). I'm debating on what to do with mine wether use the decals or tackle he trim with paint which would be alittle bit challenging. I'm going to airbrush the kit like my other models so painting the gold trim might not be out of the question. Whatever it is im excited about this kit, ill post in progress pics soon.