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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hobby Shop Clearance 08

I don't know if many of you remember last year the killing I made at my annual hobby shop clearance. There was one location were they apparently only had one Gunpla builder and it was me. I came out with a few models at a very discounted price. This year, luck was not on my side, my secret was found and the store that has no Gunpla builders transfered all heir kits to a store almost always sells out of their Gundam kits.

They had a PG Strike Rouge on clearance which is what I really wanted. 3 weeks into the sale it was gone so i was disappointed. They also had the HCM-PRO Destroy but I passed on it. The only thing that I found was a HY2M Limited Edition Extra Finish Version Char's Rick Dom. This is my first 1/60 kit ever as I don't own any Perfect Grade kits. I paid $150 which I don't think is that bad since it sells everywhere for $250 plus. HLJ has it on clearance for about $210 but shipping is $80. I love the lighting on the kit, Dalong has the review of the regular version which is exactly the same as this one.


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